Work together for a Progressive Alliance

We need to protect our progressive future

Right now, the Tories are striking a deal with the DUP - the party that, in Northern Ireland, has blocked gay marriage, opposed women's rights and denied climate change. 

We have a choice. Either we allow the Conservatives yet more years of insecure, chaotic government, propped up by the toxic DUP. Or progressive parties work together to provide the country with a new government, either now or at the next election.

Let's make it clear to party leaders - it's time to work together. Ask them to sign the pledge. 

It's already working

The 2017 General Election proved that progressives can work cooperatively to achieve big things. Members of Labour, the  Greens, Liberal Democrats, SNP, Plaid Cymru, National Health Action Party and Women’s Equality Party, campaigned together and voted tactically to stop the Conservatives.

Despite the overwhelming odds against us, the Progressive Alliance worked in this election. It can work again. 

Tell party leaders: Sign the pledge. 

Our purpose: 

  1. We pledge to work together to build a progressive majority in order to form a progressive government.

We will:

  1. Work together within parties and without to form a Progressive Alliance government.

  2. Encourage party leaders to enter into dialogue and investigate joint policies and strategies that will advance the progressive cause.

  3. Form electoral arrangements so that progressives don’t fight one another, allowing the Tories to win seats.

  4. Support the right of parties to express alternative views and articulate those differences in a respectful manner.

  5. Campaign for proportional representation as a means to achieving a fair future and stable government.

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