I’ve never bothered voting before. But on the 8th of June I'm voting Progressive

I can't remember exactly how I first came across it. I think it was whilst on a scroll through the worlds of Facebook and Twitter. I read an article someone had posted: 'Is it time for a progressive alliance?'.

The idea was to put aside tribal differences between the left and centre left parties and to unite under a larger progressive banner. Or, to put another way, to do everything humanly possible to defeat Theresa May's Conservative Party at this coming election on June the 8th. To vote and encourage others to vote in whatever way necessary so that when we wake up on June the 9th we aren't greeted by an overwhelming Tory majority and the looming spectre of five years of more cuts to welfare and pensions, the continuation of an unfair burden placed upon those who are scraping by, and cruel benefit sanctions leaving some of our most vulnerable members of society destitute.

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Compass and the Progressive Alliance

Compass, the good society pressure group, has existed since 2003.  It started as essentially a Labour-focused organization, but over time we found there were those within Labour we disagreed within, and those outside Labour who we agreed with.

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The past, present and future

Our country has always advanced best and furthest when progressives have worked together.

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What is a progressive?

The word progressive is now in the blood stream of our politics. But it can mean different things to different people.  

These are some of the main things being a  progressive means to us.

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