The West Midlands must be a wake up call for all progressive parties

Friday 5th May


Responding to Labour’s loss in the West Midlands Metro Mayor election, Progressive Alliance is calling on the Labour leadership to change tack and form a progressive alliance with the Greens to stop the Tories.


Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass said:


“Across the West Midlands, traditional deep red Labour seats have become the new frontline to stop the Tories.


“But this election is far from over. There are courageous MPs and candidates in Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens who are prepared to collaborate and work together to change the government.”


Already local progressive alliances have formed in Ealing, Brighton, Shipley and Ilford, with more to follow in the coming days.


Progressive Alliance is focusing on 97 seats where the combined progressive vote is crucial to the outcome of the election.


Lawson continued:


“We know there are dozens of Labour MPs who right now are feeling very nervous about their prospects over the next five weeks.


“This is a defining moment for the future of the progressive movement. Labour, Lib Dems and Green leaders should seize the opportunity to come together and forge a new politics of collaboration and openness.


“All this will take are just small acts of faith from the Labour and Lib Dem leadership. This isn’t the moment to cower but a chance for progressives to work together to elect a new government.”

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