Top Stories (week beginning 29 May)

The best news stories of the week about progressive alliances.

The 19-year old candidate who sacrificed himself for a Progressive Alliance


The I News. June 2 2017.

Josh Pope of the Green Party speaks out and is sidelined by party officials.  Unofficial Progressive Alliance called for by the 19-year old in Plymouth Moor View.


How to vote tactically in the June 8 general election, by constituency


The Independent.  June 2 2017.

Tory lead narrows, role of tactical voting could become pivotal.


Tactical Voting At 2017 General Election Is Now Planned By One Fifth Of Voters


The Huffington Post.  June 2 2017

Tactical voting making a huge surge in the electorate in 2017, we could be in for a big surprise.


Labour-led progressive alliance could win general election, latest poll shows


The Independent. June 1 2017.

Progressive Alliances explained, the best chance for a forward-looking government post-June 8th.


General election 2017: The seats to watch


The Week. June 1 2017.

Key marginals and progressive alliances discussed in The Week.


Labour And The Greens Can Work Together - Just Look At What We’ve Done In New Zealand


The Huffington Post. June 1 2017.

Progressive alliances emerging worldwide as the modern political solution to post-recession global economy.


Tories to fall short of outright majority and face hung parliament, new poll analysis predicts

The Independent. May 31 2017.

New polling method suggests hung parliament most likely on June 8th, parties may need to work together to form government.


General election: SNP would support 'progressive alliance' in event of a hung parliament, says Nicola Sturgeon

The Independent. May 29 2017.

Hung parliament predicted, Progressive Alliance could play key role.


Never has British politics felt so wild and unpredictable as in this election

The Independent. May 29 2017.

As campaigning intensifies, politics is becoming un-coupled from its party moorings.


Is a 'Progressive Alliance' a Realistic Way to Beat the Tories?

Vice. May 30 2017.

Gavin Haynes tracks the rise of Progressive Alliance along with key landmarks following the announcement of the snap election.

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