Reaction: Theresa May's deflection of the questions reminds us why progressives must work to change government

Monday 29th May – Theresa May's unconvincing answers on the big issues of the NHS, education and social care in 'Battle for Number 10' yesterday evening were high on rhetorical language, but conspicuous for their lack of substance.


The Prime Minister seemed uncomfortable with discussing the realities of current Tory policy, exuding a distinct lack of confidence in the position she was attempting to argue for.


Commenting on the performance, Frances Foley, campaign manager for Progressive Alliance, said:


“Theresa May is prepared to gamble with Britain’s future. This is something the next generation can ill afford.


“On the things that matter to all progressives – good jobs for young people, affordable homes for every family, opportunities for new Brits, stronger local economies and an NHS we can all be proud of - we must work together in the coming days to change the government.


“The cynics will say that progressive parties and leaders can’t work together. We have to prove them wrong.


“With just 9 days to go, we can stop the Tories and we can elect a progressive government.”

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