The past, present and future

Our country has always advanced best and furthest when progressives have worked together.

In 1906 the Liberals and Labour decided not to compete in seats, and this put Labour on the Parliamentary map.

In 1945 our welfare state and full employment was made possible by a Labour government - but was based on the ideas of two Liberals: John Maynard Keynes and Williams Beveridge

In 1997, 18 years of Tory misrule were ended not just because Labour and Liberal Democratic politicians like Robin Cook and Robert McLennan worked together, but because the two parties refused to compete in 100 seats where one was best placed to defeat the Tories.

In the Richmond Park by-election in November 2016, the Greens stood aside and helped the Liberal Democrats beat the right-wing Zac Goldsmith.

And now, in the 2017 general election, we have helped to secure 41 local alliances to ensure progressives fight the Tories, and not each other. The final phase is a pincer movement of a ground campaign in over 30 target seats and a national movement for tactical voting – to ensure no progressive vote is wasted.

What happens next is down to the thousands of people who have got involved in the Progressive Alliance.  

We know our tribal two-party system isn’t fit for the diversity of our times. And that's why we want to build a new political platform - not limited by old ways of doing things, but hopeful for a better, fairer and more equal future. 

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