The new politics is coming from the grassroots

If the last few weeks have shown us one thing, it's that the new politics is coming from the grassroots. 

So although the Green Party leadership has now announced it is pulling away from making further agreements with Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the goal of the Progressive Alliance remains the same: To build a movement of people across the country to abandon the old tribalism and collaborate to reset the political system. 

Progressive Alliances have already been formed in seats all over the country - from Ealing to Ilford, Brighton, Surrey and Twickenham.

So we'll be spending the next four weeks mobilising progressive activists and voters in marginal seats nationwide. 

From the beginning the Greens have shown the most enthusiasm for a new, non-tribal, collaborative politics of the left.

And since the election was called, local Green parties have displayed enormous courage by standing aside in marginal constituencies to give Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates a better chance of beating the Tories.

We understand the frustration of the Greens in this moment, but we’ve always maintained that the new politics was never going to come from party leaders, even the best ones like Caroline Lucas. It was always going to come from people.

Our focus remains as it was: building a progressive majority throughout the country.


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