The Manchester Tragedy

Thursday 25th May


Following Monday's tragic events at the Manchester Arena, Progressive Alliance suspended national campaigning in unison with political parties and third-party campaign groups. Several planned events were postponed.


Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass:


"Like others, we were left horrified by the devastating loss of young lives. Our hearts and thoughts are with the victims and their families. No words can fully convey our sorrow.


"We admire the tremendous compassion displayed by people across Manchester in the immediate aftermath of the attack and we honour the emergency services for their heroic acts. We fully support the police and intelligence services in their investigations and hope to see justice served swiftly.


"Tuesday’s vigil in Manchester city centre showed the world the best of us. In the grimmest of moments, compassion, solidarity and unity reigned supreme over the city and the country.”


A one minute's silence was observed at 11am this morning to remember the victims of this attack and activities were paused as a mark of respect. Gradually, political groups are returning to campaigning after a hiatus in preparation for the election on June 8th.


Our social fabric is founded upon a democratic system with an open forum to voice our vision for the country's future. With limited time remaining before the general election, we resumed campaigning activity at midday today.


Neil Lawson:


"There are many good reasons for us not to resume campaigning and we don't pass judgement on any party or organisation who chooses to continue suspending their campaign but democracy matters and the choices our country now makes matters.


"We share a common humanity but there are competing visions of the kind of country we want to live in. It's why we're getting back to campaigning...our democracy requires us to campaign for our values."

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