Tactical voting may have swung it

Exit poll for the 2017 General Election: Britain heading for a hung Parliament


Thursday 8th June – Reflecting on the BBC's exit poll for the 2017 General Election suggesting Britain is heading to a hung Parliament, Neal Lawson, spokesperson for Progressive Alliance, said:


“If this exit poll is correct, it suggests tactical voters have stopped the Tories dead in their tracks and delivered a progressive majority in Parliament.


“Whilst we will wait for the results to emerge, progressive leaders should begin preparations to cooperate in Parliament.


“Just two days ago we published guidance on how parties could cooperate in a hung Parliament. Our guidance proposed the formation of a coalition government if the maths works out. Based on this exit poll, this looks likely but it may come down to just a handful of seats.


The Conservative gamble looks to be in serious jeopardy, with the strong negotiating hand they sought for future talks with the EU, and the ability to pass legislation smoothly, severely hampered.


The progressive branches of politics are now on the front foot and must remain agile to take their chance to cooperate in the coming weeks.

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