Progressive Alliance launch event announced

On Monday, May 15th the Progressive Alliance is holding a major launch event to celebrate the beginning of a new kind of politics. 

We know this election is tough. That is why we're building alliances now, to stop the Tories and sow the seeds for a better political future.

On Monday, May 15th that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.

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There will be contributions from the Bernie Sanders campaign, The Alternative in Denmark and Podemos as well as leaders from every progressive political party, music and spoken word.

Join us and help build the new politics, right in the middle of the burning wreck of the old.

Building a Progressive Future is a space for people who want to change this country for the better. Whether you're a party member, community activist, first time voter, or just fed up of the old tribal politics - we need you.

Speakers include:

  • Clive Lewis - Labour
  • Sian Berry AM & Jonathan Bartley - Greens
  • Paul Mason - Journalist
  • Zoe Williams - Journalist
  • Vince Cable - Liberal Democrat
  • Sophie Walker - WEP
  • Luke Wright - Poet
  • John Harris - Journalist
  • Claire Sandberg - From the Bernie Sanders campaign who will be showing us how to run a “Barnstorm”
  • Uffe Elbaek - The Alternative, Denmark by video
  • Catherine Fiechi - From the Macron campaign
  • Sirio Canos Donnay - Podemos, Spain
  • Christian Reilly - Comedian
  • Klina Jordan - Make Votes Matter

Get your tickets from Eventbrite now.


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