Clock is ticking for Jeremy Corbyn & Tim Farron to cooperate to secure election victory

This morning Caroline Lucas, co-leader of her party, has called on Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron to cooperate and form alliances to stop the Conservatives.


Already local progressive alliances have formed in Ealing, Brighton, Shipley, Ilford, South West Surrey, Oxford, Richmond and Twickenham - more will happen this week with a big switch into smart campaigning and voting, The Progressive Alliance is focusing on 97 seats where the combined progressive vote can defeat the conservative candidate.

Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass:


“We absolutely understand the frustration of the Greens right now. On Friday evening, once the final die had been cast on the local elections, I sent a private letter to Jeremy Corbyn asking him to listen to voices from within his party to consider offers from local Greens, I know the same approach was made to the Liberal Democrats.”


“It's not hard to understand the logic of not standing in one seat you can’t possibly win to get a boost in a dozen where you can.”


“But a new politics was always going to come from the people – not the old party leaders.”


“We saw in France yesterday people coming together from across the progressive spectrum to defeat the candidate of hate and division... Whilst this weekend has demonstrated the intransigence of national leaders, it has also revealed the power of local, collective leadership to build bridges across these parties, for the greater good... We expect more deals to happen this week.”


In the last four weeks before the election, we'll be mobilising tens of thousands of activists and voters to support campaigns in key marginals.


By all pulling in the same direction, rather than against each other, we can cast our votes in a way that makes a difference!

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