Here in Progressive alliance, we embrace social diversity and we continually adapt to the world’s diversification of cultures, policies, and practices. With that, we encourage our progressives to exchange ideas and opinions with our alliances. At present, we have already been discussing with different countries for the development of future projects.


Progressive Alliance as a Partner

Given our organization’s name, Alliance—we are built to form partnerships that would help extend our purpose across the globe. Working with people from different fields enable us to learn new perspectives, formulate new ideas, and share our vision to a wider range of audience. Our progressives would be honored to have discussions with people from different fields of expertise for it will advance Progressive Alliance’s claim of promoting worldwide peace through policy induction.


Supporting Our Mission

We are open to accept sponsorships that are intended to support our mission. We are continually developing projects and funding activities for conferences, debates, and seminars with various think tanks in and out of the UK such as universities and colleges, business firms, organizations, and banks. For further details or if you want to help support our work, you may contact us directly through this site or you may visit our main headquarters.