Progressive Alliance welcomes Cruddas: move by former Labour policy chief is a game changer

Sunday 30th April, 2017 – Compass has welcomed the intervention of Jon Cruddas and other senior Labour figures, who have voiced support for centre-left party collaboration to clinch electoral victories in key marginal seats.


In a letter to the Guardian, Jon Cruddas, Tulip Siddiq, Clive Lewis, Paul Mason, Owen Jones and others, have called on Labour to back the Greens in Brighton Pavilion and Isle of Wight in return for the Greens standing down elsewhere.

Neal Lawson, the chair of Compass and a signatory to the letter, said:


"The move from Jon, Tulip and Clive is a real game changer. Jon has been one of Labour’s deepest and most profound thinkers and this intervention shows real leadership.


“The stakes are just too high for parties of the left not to collaborate.


Already in Ealing Central and Acton; and Brighton, Kemptown the Greens have decided to withdraw their candidates and support Labour. It's time for Labour to reciprocate.


As one of the brokers of the 1997 agreement between Labour and the Liberal Democrats, I'm reminded 20 years on that progressive parties can settle tribal differences and work towards a common good.”


In the 1997 general election, cross-party coordination was a significant factor in securing the Labour victory.


In 2017, we are determined to show that by setting aside tribal differences, we can work together to reset the government and build a better, more hopeful future.

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