Our Recommendations

We recommend cooperation between progressive parties across the country.

We make voting recommendations where we believe it will make a difference to the number of progressive MPs we elect on 8th June – this can change the government.

We make recommendations:

  • Where the progressive party holding a seat faces a possible threat from the Conservatives or UKIP (the lead is under 18%), we recommend people vote for the progressive party holding the seat. It’s important we get behind one party to win.
  • Where there’s an opportunity to win the seat (combined progressive parties are in a majority – there are 50 of these seats! - or are within 10% of the Conservatives), we are recommending the leading progressive party. It’s important we get behind one party to win.
  • Where there's little or no risk of losing to the Conservatives on a split vote, we encourage people to vote for the progressive party of their choice.

The recommendations are based on the general election of 2015 or more recent by-elections. Recommendations will be updated if material circumstances change up to polling day.

If progressive alliances had been formed or people had voted tactically in the key seats last time, then the progressive parties would have held a large majority of MPs, and the world would be a very different place now.

Together we can win.