Only a progressive alliance can stop the Conservatives

Only a Progressive Alliance backing the Greenss can stop the Conservatives on the Isle of Wight


Friday 5th May - Progressive Alliance has today called on parties on the Isle of Wight to cooperate with one another to defeat the Conservatives in next month’s General Election.


The second placed party was the Greens, with 5,597 votes, but there were a huge number of votes cast for various Independent candidates on the Island, and several thousand for the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats.


The Isle of Wight is a classic example of an electorate split between progressive parties,

their votes distributed between multiple contenders instead of focussed behind one progressive candidate who would have a chance of challenging the Tories. Combined, the votes for the Green Party, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent exceeded 22,000.


In the case that progressives from different parties channel their energies into support for the best placed challenger – the Green party, there is a chance that the Conservative majority can be overturned.


The goal of the Progressive Alliance, is to build a movement of people to abandon the old tribalism and collaborate to reset the political system.


Neal Lawson of Compass said: “There will be many people who will be deeply disappointed with today’s results, but there are also immense opportunities to be seized.


“Progressive parties on the Isle have a duty to offer people a clear alternative on June 8th. This can only happen if parties are prepared to cooperate and work together.


“It’s now clear the Greens are the main challengers to the Conservatives on the Isle of Wight. If Labour stands aside, they could unlock many local Green parties elsewhere in the country who are prepared to stand down for Labour - this is what the Tories fear.


“A better country and a brighter future is within our grasp if people work for it and ask for it.”

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