South-West Surrey progressives unite to defeat Jeremy Hunt

7th May 2017


A ground-breaking progressive forum in South-West Surrey on Saturday saw Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party garner cross-party support to stand as the single progressive candidate to stand up to Tory Goliath, Jeremy Hunt in June's general election.


The local Green Party is withdrawing their candidate in a show of solidarity, and local Labour and Liberal Democrat members have publicly urged their parties to follow suit and stand aside to put Jeremy Hunt's questionable handling of the NHS front and centre in the South-West Surrey constituency election campaign.

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Only a progressive alliance can stop the Conservatives

Only a Progressive Alliance backing the Greenss can stop the Conservatives on the Isle of Wight


Friday 5th May - Progressive Alliance has today called on parties on the Isle of Wight to cooperate with one another to defeat the Conservatives in next month’s General Election.


The second placed party was the Greens, with 5,597 votes, but there were a huge number of votes cast for various Independent candidates on the Island, and several thousand for the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats.


The Isle of Wight is a classic example of an electorate split between progressive parties,

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The West Midlands must be a wake up call for all progressive parties

Friday 5th May


Responding to Labour’s loss in the West Midlands Metro Mayor election, Progressive Alliance is calling on the Labour leadership to change tack and form a progressive alliance with the Greens to stop the Tories.


Neal Lawson, Chair of Compass said:


“Across the West Midlands, traditional deep red Labour seats have become the new frontline to stop the Tories.

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Local elections: All to play for

With results for the local elections filtering through as we speak, early signs are largely as expected – a not insignificant gain for the Tories.

However, the general sense is one of disillusionment, with turnouts representing only around a third of all eligible voters. What’s clear is that voters are tired with the same old politics, and don’t feel as if their vote will really make a difference.

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Progressive Alliance welcomes Cruddas: move by former Labour policy chief is a game changer

Sunday 30th April, 2017 – Compass has welcomed the intervention of Jon Cruddas and other senior Labour figures, who have voiced support for centre-left party collaboration to clinch electoral victories in key marginal seats.


In a letter to the Guardian, Jon Cruddas, Tulip Siddiq, Clive Lewis, Paul Mason, Owen Jones and others, have called on Labour to back the Greens in Brighton Pavilion and Isle of Wight in return for the Greens standing down elsewhere.

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First dominoes in Progressive Alliance strategy starting to fall

April 23rd 2017


Landmark agreements made in Brighton and Ealing mark first steps towards local cross-party alliances to defeat the Tories in the upcoming general election.


In Ealing, sitting Labour MP Rupa Huq is defending a slender majority, while in Brighton Kemptown challenging Labour candidate Nancy Platts was just one and a half points behind the Conservative candidate in the 2015 poll.


In both seats the local Green Party has decided not to stand a candidate in an attempt to push these contests in favour of a progressive, while in Brighton Pavilion, the Liberal Democrats have announced they will not be standing a candidate to contest Green MP, Caroline Lucas' seat.

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