Local elections: All to play for

With results for the local elections filtering through as we speak, early signs are largely as expected – a not insignificant gain for the Tories.

However, the general sense is one of disillusionment, with turnouts representing only around a third of all eligible voters. What’s clear is that voters are tired with the same old politics, and don’t feel as if their vote will really make a difference.

But we know that if we work together, we can do something different on 8th June. Since its launch, thousands of people around the country have signed up to say they’ll vote for a Progressive Alliance in just over 4 weeks time.

In Brighton, Ealing, Ilford and Shipley, progressive parties are putting aside the old tribal politics in favour of a new way of doing things. Forward-thinking politicians like Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis are flying the flag for a new movement that’s hopeful, progressive and ready for a better future.

Because of the snap nature of these general election, it’s with scepticism that we should use the local elections as any sort of guide or predictor for the results next month. There is still everything to play for.

Day after day, more and more people are are signing up for the optimism for the Progressive Alliance.

So if you believe our voting system isn’t for purpose; if you believe we need to elect a government we can trust; and if you believe we need to hit the reset button on politics - please contribute to this growing movement today.



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