Labour activist of 46 years expelled for trying to unseat Jeremy Hunt

Steve Williams, a member of the South West Surrey Labour Party, has been expelled by party officials after 46 years of membership.

South West Surrey Progressive Alliance hosted a ‘progressive forum’ on Saturday 6th May to select a single progressive candidate to take on Jeremy Hunt. Members of Labour, the Lib Dems, Greens and National Health Action party came together to select Dr Louise Irvine.

Steve, who has been instrumental in bringing together progressives in Surrey to challenge the Conservatives, has spoken out after his dismissal from Labour. He said:

“Labour has and will always be my political home. Throughout my life I’ve given my all to helping the Labour Party to be a party of government so that it may achieve its core aims and values, to enact progressive change in the country as a whole.

“Even at Labour’s highest peak of popularity, we weren’t able to take Surrey seats from the Tories but because of Jeremy Hunt’s disastrous and calamitous management of the NHS, another might have a shot.


“South West Surrey Labour Party had already made the decision not to stand a candidate but this was overturned by the Labour NEC.


“We moved ahead with plans to host a ‘progressive forum’ to give supporters and members from all progressive parties the choice of who we would support as the progressive alliance candidate to take on Jeremy Hunt. That meeting overwhelmingly decided to support Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action party.


“My only crime here, after 46 years of Labour membership, is trying to unseat one of the worst secretaries of health in our nation’s history. A man who has made countless health professionals and patients absolutely miserable."


It is disappointing that members of the Labour leadership took the decision to expel Steve. 


But this has made it even clearer that a Progressive Alliance for the future is being built from the grassroots, not from the top. 


That's why people like Steve are working around the country to build alliances, hand out leaflets, knock on doors and build a new politics - of hope, equality, fair votes and progressive values.


If you can help build this movement from the grassroots up, then please consider donating to the campaign today. 



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