More progressive candidates stand aside

Good news!

Over the last few days another progressive candidate stood aside to defeat the Conservatives. Green Party candidate Cheryl Briggs announced she would no longer stand against the Liberal Democrat Layla Moran in Oxford West and Abingdon, who she said offered "the best chance of beating the Conservatives".

She was joined in standing down by Dr Helen Salisbury, the National Health Action Party candidate for the seat.


These are the latest in a growing line of progressive candidates who have decided to put the old tribal party politics aside in favour of a different way of doing things.

From Ealing Central and Acton to Brighton Kemptown, Shipley, Ilford North, Richmond Park, Twickenham, Oxford West and Abingdon; candidates from a host of progressive parties have said they’re ready to do things differently in order to defeat the Tories.

From the Greens to the Liberal Democrats to the Women’s Equality Party and NHA Party, people and parties are quickly realising that the only way we can win this, is to win together.



Support for a better, more forward-thinking politics is resulting in tangible and public action by candidates of all progressive stripes. There is a genuine appetite for putting aside old tribal politics in the country...but the movement doesn't stop here.  

To win on June 8th, and to wake up to a better society on June 9th, we’ll need to make sure as many people as possible are signed up to the Progressive Alliance.

So if you believe in fairer votes, new ideas and a brighter, more progressive future, then please share this article now.

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