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This was a General Election like no other.

Together, we’ve been building the new politics. In 41 seats, progressive parties formed alliances. Millions of people are talking about the Progressive Alliance and tactical voting.

It can't stop here. We can build the platform for a progressive majority and change the government.

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When we work together there's nothing we can't achieve 

From Hastings to Carlisle, Cardiff to Hampstead progressives all over the country put aside the old tribal politics to work together.

The cynics always said a Progressive Alliance was impossible, well in 41 seats you made it happen and in dozens of those it made the difference at the election.

Up and down the country we saw something totally new, people from all progressive parties working together for a better future.

We denied the Tories a majority and it's clear that Progressive Alliances made the difference. But we don't want to stop here, we can't. We've tasted a refreshing new politics, where people from all progressive parties and none work together, a politics done by all of us.

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Building a progressive majority 

If we want to build a progressive majority we must work together, across the nations of the UK and across each of the political traditions on the left. At the last election we won that majority but our broken electoral system means that votes don't equal seats.

We'll work for collaboration over competition, alliances of parties, peoples and nations to take on the big economic and environmental challenges that threaten our future.

Our politics is hopeful

We believe in future that's better than the past. Will you join us as we work to build that progressive future and and the progressive majority we need to make it a reality.

If you believe in that politics. In a more hopeful collaborative way of building the future of our country then stand together today let's build a movement together that can win the change we need. 

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