Who runs the Progressive Alliance?

The Progressive Alliance is an idea formed by people all over the country who are fed up with the old tribalism and ready to collaborate to reset the political system, not least through the introduction of proportional voting.  It is powered and co-ordinated by Compass, the pressure group for a good society. Compass is a membership organisation and its Management Committee includes Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green, SNP and Plaid Cymru members

How are decisions made?

By the people involved nationally, and more importantly by the actions of people locally. This is an alliance of people, groups and parties who are cooperating to reset politics.

What does your Vote Smart tool do?

The Vote Smart tool uses election data to show the best way to vote for the best placed progressive candidate. Enter your postcode and it will show you your constituency and the party you should vote for who has the best chance of defeating the Conservatives on 8th June.

How are you making these recommendations?

We are currently making recommendations based on data from the 2015 General Election or the last by-election in your constituency. We are reviewing these figures against the opinion polls and will make a final recommendation, that is as accurate as possible, before postal ballots go out.

Why didn't my postcode work?

At the moment our Vote Smart tool only gives recommendations for England, Scotland and Wales - not Northern Ireland. If you live in England, Scotland or Wales and you're not seeing a recommendation, please drop us a line to let us know at hello@progressivealliance.org.uk. 

What legal form does the Progressive Alliance have?

The Progressive Alliance is hosted by Compass – an unincorporated membership organisation. The objective is promote cooperation across political parties, movements and people to ensure the most progressive outcome at and after the election on 8th June.

Is the only policy proportional representation?

Proportional representation is central to changing the system – so that we can build a better society where everyone’s voice can be heard. But being a progressive means you want a more equal, sustainable and democratic world.

Can anyone join?

There is no membership of the Progressive Alliance, but we urge you to sign up if you want to keep in touch and find out more about making a Progressive  Alliance possible. You can also become a member of Compass, to join our fight for a better society.

What are you spending the money raised on?

This has been a vertical take-off campaign, because of the snap election call.  The money will be spent on the website and its development, a campaign HQ, social media expertise, events across the country, campaign material such as posters and leaflets and the time for a small staff team to oversee and coordinate the efforts of a growing army of volunteers.

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