Dangerous DUP cannot be allowed to form government

Friday 9th June – In light of the Conservative party being short of the required Parliamentary majority, Progressive Alliance is warning progressives everywhere to act to ensure that the Democratic Unionist Party is prevented from influencing the levers of power.


A deal with the DUP may leave Theresa May relying on a shaky confidence and supply arrangement with governing decisions being made on a policy by policy basis. Certainly not what she had in mind prior to the election.


Furthermore, the DUP's historic positions on women's rights and failure to recognise the advancement of LGBT rights in recent years has angered top Tories, which make a deal problematic.


Frances Foley, campaign manager for Progressive Alliance, said:


“There is a very real and dangerous prospect of the DUP having a huge and influential role within the next Government.


“The Democratic Unionist Party isn't just a Northern Irish unionist party, it is a party that maintains policy positions which are detrimental to members of the LGBTIQ community, women and the planet.


“A Conservative-DUP government would be the most radically right-wing and extreme government Britain has ever endured. We're calling on progressive leaders to come together and offer the country an alternative before it's too late”


In terms of environmental policy, the DUP has repeatedly blocked legislation to combat climate change, and there is no mention of the words “environment” or “climate change” in their 2017 manifesto.


Progressive Alliance is calling on supporters of all progressive parties to sign the pledge to work together for a Progressive Alliance government.



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