Reaction: Corbyn's vision for a better Britain will resonate, but Labour must work with others.

Monday 29th May – Corbyn fixes focus on the future, on Channel 4's 'Battle for Number 10'. The Labour leader was careful to emphasise the need to work with and listen to those who have different views in order to deliver success, in an impressive performance on the programme.


Despite tough questioning which sought to create awkward moments for Corbyn by harking back to past associations, the Labour leader was able to effectively steer back to the matter at hand, of articulating Labour's programme for government.


Commenting on the performance, Neal Lawson, spokesperson for Progressive Alliance, said:


“As Jeremy Corbyn said this evening, this is a fight for social justice and for Britain's future.


“But Labour cannot and should not do this on it's own. As Labour's own clause four states, by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone.


“Jeremy Corbyn must now seize the moment to have an honest conversation with the British public about our future relationship with the world and with each other - this includes cooperation with other progressive forces, including the SNP.”


With the polls narrowing and the Conservative majority being called into question, the stage is set for progressives to come together to deliver a better, fairer country where everyone's voice is heard.

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