Progressive Alliance encourages new perspectives and forward-thinking to join the national conversation. The national conversation aims to address the challenges Britain faces today from the perspective of its citizens. Discussions on these will help collectively gather ideas and study newly formulated policies.

The national conversation will be more than just debates—it will provide open tables for discussions and lectures. This conversation aims to give way to fresh ideas and responsible thinking that it may help the citizens most especially the youth of this generation become more intellectual thinkers than they were born to be. Having an open table to discuss national issues with the locals will stimulate unity and fellowship.

Progressive Alliance brings together the nation’s citizens—the locals, the policy experts, business leaders, social organizations, and progressive politicians—to strengthen patriotic philosophies most especially to the young population. We are aiming to educate the citizens about current trends and we are also open to learning new ideas from the locals.

We will be conducting discussions, seminars, workshops, and lectures all over the country. If you want to know more, sign and be updated about our schedule of activities.

Join the national conversation and be a part of building Britain a brighter future.