Cumbria Barnstorm

May 16, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:45pm

Tullie House Castle Street,
Carlisle CA3 8TP,
United Kingdom,

Do you want to wake up on June 9th with Tory MPs in Copeland, Workington or Carlisle?

If not do you care enough about it to try to stop it happening?

If so then come along to Tullie House, Carlisle this Tuesday 16th May at 7.30pm (bar open from 6.30pm so do come along early). Compass (,uk), the organisation who brokered the progressive alliance in the Richmond by-election stopping Zac Goldsmith get re-elected, are coming up from London to run an event for us.

If you don't want to see John Stevenson re-elected in Carlisle or Trudy Harrison in Copeland or want to ensure the Tories don't take Workington, and are up for doing something about it, this session is for you. It will bring together all people in North and West Cumbria who want to actively campaign to ensure we are not stuck with MPs who do not work for us. You can be part of a political party or none and just seeing or angered by the devastating effects of the Tory government on the people here in our region and across the country.

The evening will be about planning actions, campaigning and how we can best all work together to do this .. giving us the capacity to go out and do it. The sum of the parts is always greater than the result of individuals working alone.

So really hope to see you there.

And please spread the word among friends. We need as many of us there as possible to really make a difference.

Will you come?

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