About us

The Progressive Alliance is a movement for a better politics, where progressive people and parties work together to create the change we want to see in society – greater equality, democracy and sustainability.

Progressives want to see bold change in our country.

And we believe our best days are ahead of us.

But to defeat the regressive right we have to stop fighting each other – and stand together.

Progressive parties shouldn't stand candidates if it ensures the regressive right win.

On the 8th of June, vote for a progressive candidate who has the best chance of beating the regressive right.

And on the 9th of June, let’s wake up to a better country and a brighter future.

Let’s do things differently.

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We won't accept one party rule.We need to vote smart to win.

We can overturn our unfair electoral system and build a progressive majority
We've got to put aside the old tribal politics.
Join the fight for a Progressive Alliance