Numerology and how it can lead you to the right career path


There is nothing more fulfilling than finding the right job. According to, Something that will inspire you to wake up every day and brace the challenges with a smile because it’s worth it. Well, Numerology may just be the answer you are looking for.

Numerology is the belief that numbers affect you and every individual’s life in general. It is said that numbers and the universe have a magical connection. So, how do we actually use numerology to find a career suitable for us? The answer is simple, the Life Path number must be calculated.

Ready? Let us do it together. Let us say, your birthday is April 9, 1998. Break down the numbers that correspond to your birth date and make sure it is reduced to a single digit before summing everything up.

April = 4

Day = 9

Year = 1+9+9+8 = 27 (Reduce year by adding it with each other: 2+7= 9)

Add everything altogether, 4+9+9 = 22. That is how you get your Life Path number. Once you have your Life Path number ready, find out the career for you below:

Life Path 1

People with Life Path numbers are known to be independent and self-motivated. They have innate leadership skills.

Suitable jobs: public speaker, consultant, business owner, director, activist, and psychologist.

Life Path 2

A typical 2 does not always want to be in the spotlight. They prefer being the backbone and support rather than being in the front line.

Suitable jobs: art curator, personal assistant, designer, writer, poet, or a fashion professional.

Life Path 3

Individuals under this life path are out of the box thinkers. They are creative and natural problem solvers.

Suitable jobs: nutritionist, doctor, cartoonist, screenwriters, graphic designer, and lawyer.

Life Path 4

They are intelligent, hardworking and they find a way to improve existing situations and tasks. They are also known to have great communication skills.

Suitable jobs: manager, carpenter, publisher, landscaper, mechanics.

Life Path 5

People with 5 as life path number are travelers. They value their freedom to explore and discover the world. They want to experience new stuff all the time.

Suitable jobs: advertising, photography, sound healing, photojournalism, tour guides, hospitality.

Life Path 6

These are the people with great empathy towards the community. They love kids and they feel strongly for the old and poor. They are nurturing and warm.

Suited jobs: customer service, nanny, healer, environmentalist, animal rescue, psychologist, humanitarian.

Life Path 7

They are the deep thinkers and highly intellectual. They are keen on details and have the most brilliant ideas.

Suitable jobs: marine, historian, sailor, biologist, surgeon.

Life Path 8

Organized and fairly great in terms of managing money. These individuals are also perceptive.

Suitable jobs: educator, financial managers, entrepreneur.

Life Path 9

They are the softest of all the numbers. They ache for the poor and they always want to help. Known for their immense sincerity and genuine nature.

Suitable job: social worker, philanthropy, human rights worker, law enforcer.

Life Path 11

They could impact the society with their strong sense of duty, They are great advice-givers and could enlighten other people easily.

Suitable job: charity worker, psychologist, artist.

Life Path 12

Naturally born leaders but with a unique sense of spirituality. They want to connect with themselves as well as to other people in depth.

Suitable job: professor, writer, actor, diplomat.

Life Path 13

Probably the most controversial individuals. They are not the type of people to stay in their comfort zone for long. They seek unique vibrations to feel a sense of satisfaction.

Suitable job: musician, spiritual leader, doctor, designer, politician, yoga instructor.

It sure is hard to feel alive in your job right now but you have all your life to find that thing you’d feel passionate about. And when you do find it, grab it by hand because by doing what you love, you define real success.

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