Everything You Need to Know About Building the Perfect Political App for Android and iOS

App for Android and iOS

As people are becoming more and more conscious of their political decisions, app development opportunities have grown bigger and bigger due to the cost of developing a mobile app and skyrocketing demand for political applications.

These political apps help various parties disseminate information better in management, academic, and of course, political scenarios. With proper app development for Android and IOS, a party’s platforms, necessary content, and messages will be more accessible to the general public, especially now that elections are getting nearer and nearer.

Here’s everything you need to know to jump into the political app development bandwagon.

Benefits of Political App Development

At 45%, almost half of the world’s population has a smartphone. With politics affecting the day to day lives of people, political apps are sure to fly in the market because of their obvious benefits of:

  • Accessibility – People are more likely to look to their phones when looking up information instead of buying a newspaper or phoning traditional sources of information. Political apps like The White House App and the iCitizen App are easily accessible via App Store in iOS and Play Store in Android.
  • Awareness – Political parties can create awareness by capitalizing on these app’s accessibility. Bulletins, campaign announcements and events, and news are often highlighted on these apps, creating awareness among the general public.

Necessary Features of a Political App

Just like any other app, political apps require the following features:

  • UI Friendly – People like convenience and accessibility and dislike having to navigate through confusing user interfaces just to get the information they want
  • Web View Support – To make the phone to computer transition easier and more convenient
  • Chat and Messages – Despite the plethora of content available on your home page, people are more likely to still want to communicate with your team to ask questions, clarifications, and suggestions
  • Push Notifications – Once allowed, these will make announcements easier and more highlighted in the user’s smartphone
  • Share and Social Media – Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider making your reach wider, this is necessary for further engagement with your target audience

Building Your Team

The rule is simple: the bigger and more complex the app is, the more people you need in your team. Of course, from the get-go, you will need a Project Manager to get your app started. You’ll also need technology experts, business analysts, tech leads, as well as iOS and Android developers. You may also want to consider communication specialists if your goal is to be more accessible to your target audience.

Estimating the App Cost

The cost of political app development varies from location to location. With estimates going from 18$ to 150$ for the basics alone, depending on the cost of living in these locations.

Political app development requires rigorous processes in analysis requirements, documentation, and referring technology among many others, so make sure to fully be aware of your goals from the get-go to maximize your money.

Wrapping Things Up

In a nutshell, political app development is a potential treasure mine just waiting to be tapped into and developed. As politics is no longer constrained in its traditional forms of campaigning, the need to adopt more modern, accessible technologies are necessary for a successful political run.

With access to millions of people with smartphones, app development is yet something that most traditional politicians and government units have yet to invest in.

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