Cannabis and CBD: Do They Affect Coronavirus?

Cannabis and CBD

With the increasing number of coronavirus cases, many people have been wondering if cannabis and Ananda hemp review are in any way connected with the virus and measures to prevent contracting it.

People ask if cannabis and CBD can boost our immune system or help hasten the recovery in case one gets infected. They also ponder whether NSAIDs, which are anti-inflammatory medications, have adverse reactions to the virus. Since CBD is considered anti-inflammatory, can it be associated with coronavirus?

Until now, there are still no valid answers to the questions. Doctors recommend taking acetaminophen if you have a fever and staying away from NSAID medications for now.

Cannabis, CBD and, the Virus

Though there has been research about the connection of smoked and medical cannabis to the progression of HIV, there are still no conclusive studies to connect it to coronavirus. You can see a lot of posts on Facebook and other social media platforms advocating and recommending cannabis and CBD as an immune system booster that can fight many kinds of viruses.

We all want ourselves and our families to be protected, so it is important to be vigilant whenever you see claims like these. You have to be critical at such information, especially at times like this. There are some who consider these plants as a miracle cure. It is known that not all medications are made the same, so there can be harmful effects. This may result in misunderstanding and damage to the industry.

Researchers who study plant medicines and other more conventional medications may have their studies negatively affected. This is a crucial time for them since they’ve gained credibility and support from their research recently. Cannabis and plant-based medicines such as CBD oil have many health benefits, so magnifying these benefits is not necessary until further studies can back them up.

Until then, there are other ways to improve our immune system. Trying to work out inside your house, not drinking alcohol, and doing meditation or other relaxing activities can help your immune system and lessen the release of stress hormones. You can also use adaptogenic mushrooms and liposomal glutathione that can help as supplements.

A good night’s sleep and incorporating micronutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, and quercetin which can be found in apples and cannabis are helpful too. The sleep hormone called melatonin promotes better functioning of our immune system.

Laughter and doing deep breathing exercises also strengthen our immunity. While on self-isolation, you can opt to watch a comedy film to get your dose of laughter.


Remember that these won’t guarantee that you won’t be infected with the coronavirus. If you are not part of the high-risk group such as elderlies or people with underlying health conditions, there’s a big chance that you will recover fast.

Some may be asymptomatic or not realize that they have it, so social distancing is very important since this is transmitted through droplets. The transmission rate of the virus from asymptomatic people is high with this virus.

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