Recliners are an armchair or sofa that reclines the chair’s back to provide added comfort to the occupant. This sleeping recliner chair can ease back pains and comfort the occupant’s feet. Therefore, recliners have become favorite furniture among many homeowners. The reclining level of a reclining chair has to be perfect so that the occupant can get the utmost comfort and ease that they need. With this, it is important to know how to properly adjust a recliner chair at an angle that will be most comfortable to the occupant. Here are the ways to adjust a recliner chair.

•          Recliner tension change

With this method, sit on the recliner chair to test the reclining levels of the chair’s back. You can either decrease or increase the tension to release or hold the reclining level of the chair. Usually, reclining chairs have adjustment mechanisms that will give the occupant more ease in adjusting the back of the chair. You can put the adjustment knob up or down to control the chair’s back according to your desired level. The recliner tension is a helpful part that will make the chair more comfortable and suitable for your relaxing needs.

•          Replace tension springs

If you feel that the reclining chair’s back is not functioning perfectly, then it might be time to replace the tension springs. This is the tool that allows the reclining action of the chair’s back. For you to replace the springs, you need to turn the chair over. Look at the tension spring that is connected to the back of the chair. Using pliers, remove the old spring. Install new spring and make sure that it is stretched out when being installed. There are stores that sell springs and other parts of the reclining chair. You just have to make sure that the ones you purchase are high quality and durable.

•          Recliner pitch change

Recliner pitch is the height of the front of the chair when the back is its upright position. To change the recliner pitch, change the bolts of the chair at the bottom of the recliner. When you turn the chair upside down, you will see bolts that are usually located at the center bottom of the chair. There are four bolts that hold the entire frame of the chair. You can loosen the bolts so you can adjust the frame of the chair. By making adjustments on the frame, you can choose the level of recliner pitch that will give you more comfort when using the chair.

Having recliners can give you the best comfort especially after a day’s work. This can be placed in the bedroom, living room, entertainment room, and terrace or even in the garden. There are different reclining chairs that you can choose from. You can choose the best one that will fit the area where it will be placed and the comfort that you want to achieve. The right reclining level of the chair will help you relax and be at ease while sitting on your lazy chair.

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