UK Extreme Couponing: It Can Be Done!

UK Extreme Couponing

The UK has once been described as the ‘Nation of Shopkeepers’ by Napoleon. Nowadays, it would be more accurate to say that this country is ‘a nation of obsessive shoppers’ because apparently, shopping with TakeTheCoupon here has become the pastime of many people.

This is one of the reasons why extreme couponing, which is a phenomenon that usually happens in the US, should be applied in the country as well. This would be extremely helpful since it cuts out a lot of expenditures, and most shoppers would probably be delighted to that fact. Well, the good news is, the UK is starting to adopt the idea, and you would know more as you continue reading this article.

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Get in Touch with Brands

Finding coupons might not be that hard as anyone else might think. After all, the easiest way to get a free coupon from highly valued stores in the UK is to write something to the brand you prefer about their product. Not only people who send out positive letters can receive vouchers, but also those who complain have been reported to receive one as well. Make sure to make your letter stand out from the rest, like telling the brand where their product is really useful or tell them what your family members say about it.

Going Online

In this age, there is no doubt that the best source of coupons is the internet. Browse any sites about the brands you want and you can find a lot of voucher sites that can help you pinpoint discounts. However, a wise ‘couponer’ would never opt to buy anything online without knowing what the code for the discount is first.

Storing Points on Cards and Vouchers

Lastly, a UK couponer’s best friends are voucher codes and store cards. Usually, store cards have a pointing system that allows its user to receive the money-back from the regular shopping spree.

You can save points on store cards which can be pretty useful on a later date for grocery shops, or even on discounted items. Some stores like theme parks and restaurants make the benefits double, triple or even quadruple, depending on the number of points accumulated on the vouchers or store cards.

There is also a store card system that gives its owners a regular discount code, particularly for the things that they usually shop the most. For this reason, make sure to use the store card whether you are shopping online or shopping in-store so that you can get the best benefits out of it.

Final Thoughts

Though you might need to do a lot before you can avail discounts and vouchers from your favorite brand, it would still be worth the effort. After all, you can even get items for free from stored points and vouchers. Who knows, maybe in your next shop, you can even avail of your favorite item on your favorite brand for free. It’s a rewarding experience, isn’t it?

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