Preventive Floor Cleaning Procedures For Slip, Trip, And Fall

Floor Cleaning Procedures For Slip

The secondary primary cause of non-lethal, lost working time injuries are slips, trips, and falls. Stopping these injuries will boost efficiency and eradicates the unnecessary cost of compensation claims. That is why cleaning floors properly is vital, You can Get more info at about how to do it;

Dust Mopping

  • Get rid of all the debris and movable furniture.
  • Next is to mop at a 45-degree angle, don’t mop backward, and never lift it.
  • Begin at the entrance and to the sides to the center of the area.
  • Use broom and dustpan to sweep out the trash.
  • Then, secure the dust mop and treat it each time.
  • Treat dust mop at the end of cleaning procedures.

Floor scrubbing

  • Apply the solution then operate the floor scrubber from side to side.
  • Overlap on every pass to make sure that the whole flooring has been scrub.
  • For areas and corners not accessible by the scrubber, use a hand pad and holder.

Gathering the Dirty Solution

  • Wipe out the dirty residue with the initial mop.
  • Soak and rinse the mop into the water.
  • Squeeze out the wet mop regularly.
  • Make sure to cover the whole area and clean up baseboards.
  • When the floor is completely dried, return all items and furniture into their proper places.

Floor Finish

First coating:

  • Put the floor finish and set a clean wringer into a mop bucket.
  • Dip the clean mop.
  • Wring out the mop to remove dripping.
  • Apply a light coating to the flooring.
  • Spread floor finish using a running applicator mop along the baseboard.
  • Perform in a “U” manner surrounding the baseboards in an inward, outward way.
  • Cover the whole floor and avoid spattering the floor finish.
  • Before applying another coat, allow the finish to dry completely.

Second coating:

  • Repeat the first coating procedure.
  • Then, apply a light finish coating.
  • The second coating must be work like in an “8” figure to lessen back exhaustion.
  • Let the coat to thoroughly dry.

Floor Stripping

Apply the stripping solution:

  • Spread the stripping solution throughout the floorings using a mop.
  • Let the solution to work for at least five minutes but don’t allow it to dry out.

Machine scrub:

  • Apply the stripping pad below the scrubber.
  • Scrub along with the floor molding.
  • Do side to side stripping for the remaining areas.
  • Employ a hand scrubbing pad to emphasize strip lengthways with the edges and corners; pay attention to severely soiled areas.
  • Avoid splashing stripper on walls.

Pick up the dirty solution:

  • Employ a wet vacuum to get rid of stripping solution from the floor.
  • Prevent the filthy solution to dry on the flooring.

Rinse and dry floor:

  • Use clean water and mop.
  • Mix the water with the stripping neutralizer.
  • Next, mop the floor and wash out with clean water.
  • Then, use a wet vacuum again to remove rinse water.
  • Before the baseboards dry, clean them up.
  • Slightly wet the mop with clean water for the last cleaning.


Aside from these cleaning procedures, developing and employing a prescribed cleaning system is also vital in the prevention of falls, slip, and trip incidents. Moreover, brief all your employees to report any cases of these, so you can take immediate action and rectify the cause.

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