Brexit has lead the UK to find itself. Withdrawing from the European Union was what UK Prime Minister Theresa May has been planning for, ever since she had the power. There are now many house & gardens at risk with this deal.

By the time the UK withdrew from the EU, it has been as much of a laughing stock as America is when Trump was elected President. U.S. President Donald Trump has brought down the USA’s reputation ever since he was elected. He has committed long-term damages which caused irrefutable damage to the USA’s standing.

The world could probably wait for America’s comeback once Trump leaves the position. The EU would be the mainline of the USA to help advance their goals and claims most especially now that Brexit made the UK withdraw from the union.

The UK’s relevance to the USA. has been down-graded and of less importance. The UK still needs the USA to help them in developing trade deals, although with all of these happening, there is a little to no chance at all. Without the USA’s help, diplomats have to formulate new strategies and form new alliances to negotiate and sign agreements with.

The long-known special relationship the two have will most probably be just a relationship because of its leaders’ decisions.

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