Large companies from all over the world earn a great deal of cash within just a few hours. Businesses tend to yield profit from one marketing tactic to another. While all the prosperities happen on stage, all the hassles and burden goes to the people backstage. Businesses aren’t businesses at all without people involved–employees, employers, customers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Wealth Distribution

If all of the business firms get a hefty amount of cash for profit, then why is there still a shortage of funds for salaries and wages? This is just one of the issues related to improper wealth distribution. An economy wouldn’t prosper if wealth distribution isn’t inclusive and if there is more cash in hoarding than there is for the lending of funds.

With this happening, a nation’s economy would stay stagnant and investments will decline which may further lead to economic regression.


Humanity Over Capitalism

Needless to say, humans will always be the most preferred and vital type of labor to employ–be it in office work, manufacturing, buying and selling, and a lot more that is related in a business’s operations. This issue has always been debated in universities–whether or not to pull down the income tax percentage for local workers to zero-base. In this way, employees get to have more of what they earned plus they can also use it whenever they please rather than to invest it on a government insurance plan they are forced to acquire.


At present, there are still house bills authored by pro-laborers organizations that are being studied by the higher councils.


The welfare of the humans involved in every single business transaction should be prioritized way more than the monetary capital involved. To address this issue is to advance inclusive prosperity and opportunity for all.

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