Our generation today was properly titled as the Digital Age. Digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other social networking sites become the main and most convenient source of public news and general information. With this happening, jobs in publishing, printing press, and local media have reduced.

Manual media, such as writing and reporting, has once become the voice of a nation’s democracy. Today, with online journalism, there’s this perspective that people only see and talk about what’s on-trend and what’s offered to them.

Data Breaching

Having an account in any digital platform would mean you share and disclose your personal information to them. With the number of accounts being hacked every year, it is hard to entrust confidentiality with their system. Data acquired illegally may be used against the user and can be used to commit crimes most especially with those that are linked with banking. With these happening, even with site restrictions and bot security, progressives believe that the government should create and implement their restriction system to ensure the safety of the users.



The internet has never been a reliable source–in debates, in scholarly papers, and dissertations. This is because documents uploaded on the internet can be fake, may not be duly approved, contains fraudulent content, and it could have been easily acquired through piracy. Granting that it has been a way to make research easier and more convenient, there are still a number of issues related to the different media platforms available on the internet; one of this is disinformation. Disinformation or commonly known as the spread of fake news is an internet factor that is intended to mislead people. Fake news commonly aims to destroy the government’s reputation. These are made from unknown sources by creating dummy accounts.

Policies should adapt to the continuous development of the digital age for the very reason that democracy denotes security. Democracy isn’t just freedom to express–it is freedom to express without compromising safety and self-reputation.

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