More than 40% of the UK’s population are children. A part of their childhood would always belong to the internet since we are of the digital age. There are a lot of applications, sites, and games that are intended for child-use. It is undeniable though that this child-friendly platform is outnumbered by adult contents.

Game creators and app founders have their incentives for every user that engages with their network. They offer legal addictive stimulants such as points, coins, rewards, and a lot more to their users. This tactic lowers user value because it promotes sleeplessness and unhealthy habits.

This side of the internet is foul for children. Moreover, the contents of games such as those with cop-and-thief concept, dating concept, and shop-’til-you-drop theme may induce bad behavior and maybe interpreted wrong by children.

The Kid’s Code, formally known as the Age Appropriate Design Code, is said to be the key to provide barriers between children and the tech sector. This code was introduced as a part of the Data Protection Act 2018. The code will provide online services to increase internet restriction for users aged 17 and below such as infiltrating pornographic and violent content. They would also provide limits of usage to prevent gadget addiction that may lead to physical and mental health disorders.

Up to date, the code is still in draft and is still asking further support from local organizations and social rights charters. Bringing the code to life may help alleviate the internet’s integrity and promote social values to minors.

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