Even without the presence of technology and digital platforms, disinformation was already used as a weapon to manipulate people in the early 1500’s. Early tactics of disinformation have appeared in some epics and political novels written by legendary writers such as Ceasar.

In the past, it was used to mislead people and urge rebellion. Wars emerged victorious through this tactic. It is a powerful weapon since it is the mind of the people that are being manipulated. Today, disinformation has gone far worse.


What’s their aim?

Disinformation today has become digitally widespread. This has been a great social threat most especially in Asian countries. The largest number of social media users are Asians. This could be a probable reason why they are prone to digital disinformation. One of the leading causes behind this deceptive tactic is political issues. As much as digital platforms are being used to build up character reputation and show off public works, it is also used to point out offenses and inject misleading information to people.


The Counter System

There are existing policies related to cybercrimes. Needless to say though, that these aren’t enough to stop the creation of mock accounts. Recent studies in high-graded universities in the UK have come up with the concept of hiring people to guard the activities on the internet. Proposals were to develop a government sector in charge of social media abuses and the prevention of internet crimes. Debates on this proposal pointed out its threat to democracy and the need for additional allocation of funds which may lead to increase tax rates.

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